Deepa + Vivek Pre-wedding session

Photographing a couple is something I always loved because the experience I get is amazing. I love shooting candid moments of couples to get true emotions and expressions from them. I met this wonderful couple Deepa and Vivek a couple of weeks ago. In the very first hour of conversation, we got a good understanding between us. I took the opportunity to ask them about their love story, right from how they met till present commitment. While listening to them, me and my fellow photographer Vallabh started planning how we are going to shoot this truly wonderful love story. Finally, we planned to capture the timeline of their love story.

Goa is a paradise full of beautiful locations to shoot a pre-wedding session. Beaches, churches, old monuments and beautiful architecture of old houses takes your breath away. Among all these locations, we shortlisted  few locations which resembled Vivek and Deepa’s love story. On the first day of a shoot, we traveled to the beautiful and clean city of Panjim to start with. Locations such as Kala Academy, Public Park, Canapé coffee shop and Reis Magos Fort can be seen in the photographs.

On day two, we visited Shri Mahalasa Narayani Temple at Verna, capturing some great pictures of our beautiful couple in the silence of this beautiful place of worship.

Makeup: Shital Gawade
Placard Design : Trupti Sukadkar
Photography: Vishal Malave and Vallabh Barve at Vishal Malave Photography
Lens used: 85 mm f1.8, 24-70 mm f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8

These are some of our favorite shots from the shoot..

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